Lithgow Chat Guidelines

Guidelines for our Live Chat Service

What we will answer:

  • Short reference questions of a general nature and directional information.
  • Questions about the use and operation of our technology and technological resources.
  • Questions about finding, recommending and assisting with Lithgow’s print and non-print resources on a particular topic/question.
  • Questions on MINERVA holdings and how to obtain materials that are not owned by the library.

What we won’t answer

  • Requests for legal, medical, financial or tax advice.
  • Requests or personal information of individuals that does not pertain to business.
  • Verification and editing services for papers, projects, citations, etc.
  • Questions that are intentionally inappropriate.
  • Questions from tests or exams and in-depth assistance with writing papers or theses.
  • Questions requiring in-depth answers on specific topics: these patrons will be referred to a librarian to answer when time allows.

Process and Procedure                                                                Reference questions are answered as quickly and capably as possible. Please be aware that the virtual staff may also be staffing a reference desk and may need to assist others. We will notify you if we are assisting another patron. Please be patient and understanding; reference questions will be answered in the order they are received.

Chat Code of Conduct
Patrons are not allowed to harass, provoke, demean staff or use obscene language. We will not answer any inappropriate or intentionally off-topic questions. We will end chats if we deem a question or interaction to be inappropriate and may report the chat, if necessary.